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Training for professionals

Talking about sex in therapy

I offer training to other counselling professionals in talking about sex in therapy.

As therapists we go to intimate places in our clients' lives, however a client's sexual life is often neglected within this, or talked about only in the context of sexual trauma.

Through different activities and group discussions, this training is designed to support therapists in exploring barriers to talking about this sex with clients, understanding the benefits of bringing sex into the therapy room, and increase confidence in working with this topic.


I bring to this training not just myself as a therapist, but as someone who has worked for several years as a sex educator, running workshops in schools and colleges in the local area around sex, consent and relationships.

Please note that this is NOT a psychosexual training, but rather an exploratory training to help equip therapists with the skills and self awareness to bring sex into their practice. 

Please contact me if you are interested in having this training in your service or training provision for more information and rates

Catherine was excellent. She was warm and responsive, knew her material well, set interesting exploratory ways into the material, and held the group with care
I had a client straight after the training who brought sex into the session and I felt totally fine to talk about it with them and we continue to talk about sex almost every second session. So I believe the training built my confidence about sex in the counselling room
I found Catherine very open, warm, engaging and obviously extremely experienced.  Her confidence encouraged some very enlightening participation from group members
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