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How I work with you

About me

I work with you to explore difficult, confusing, or painful feelings, and support you through tough situations which are coming up in your life. You can use your therapy as a safe space to slow down and explore different aspects of you and your life, like issues with relationships, feelings of anxiety or depression, why you are feeling unfulfilled, why it feels hard to get your needs met, or why you find it hard to express certain parts of yourself. We look at ways to move forward, and help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Every person is different, every experience is different, and they are all valid. I welcome you to bring to therapy whatever it is you need to bring.

It’s also important to my therapy practice to acknowledge that your current and past experience is shaped by wider social and cultural experiences, whether that is the impact of covid or issues of identity or oppression.

My practice is allied with and welcoming of all genders, the LGBTQ+ community, non-monogamous relationships and sex workers

Specialisms - Relationship Issues

As well as being a counsellor, I work for a charity for young people supporting sex and relationship education, and I have extensive experience and particular interest in working with you and your relationships.


Maybe you have come out of an abusive relationship and are struggling to find yourself again, maybe the thought of being in a relationship is scary, or maybe you are feeling let down in your friendships and struggling to get your needs met. Perhaps you have just been through a break up and need some space to process some painful feelings. Whatever is going on for you, we will work through it together.

Couples and relationship therapy
Couples/relationship therap

Couples can benefit from seeing a therapist at any stage of their relationship, whether it is to help navigate a change in your relationship, support through a relationship crisis, or just a space to better explore how you communicate with each other. We can work short term or long term to help you develop fulfilling and meaningful relationships. I am inclusive of all relationship structures within my work.

Qualifications and experience

Having worked in the mental health sector for over 10 years I have worked with a variety of different people and experiences. I have experience working with a broad variety of issues including anxiety, depression, sex and relationship issues, trauma and sexual abuse, LGBTQ+ issues, substance misuse, eating disorders and body dysmorphia, and gender dysphoria.

I have been working in private practice for the last two years, and have worked with a range of clients experiencing a range of different types of issues. I previously worked for a charity supporting young people affected by sexual exploitation, and I have experience supporting college and university age students with their mental health and wellbeing, I have volunteered with Survivor's Network, a local charity for those who have experienced sexual violence, and have extensive experience supporting people with ASD and related difficulties.

  • PGDip Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling - University of Brighton

  • MA Gender Studies - University of Sussex

  • BSc Psychology - University of Sussex

Certificates and further training:

  • Working with relationships and couples

  • Sex after trauma

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